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It’s my first Mother’s Day as a mom and I am pretty excited about it!

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about Mother’s Day and how we’re going to celebrate the mamas in our life (which we should be celebrating year round, amiright?!). And I can’t believe that this will be my first Mother’s Day as a mom!! I mean of course I can as I’ve been a mama for a little over 7 months now but it’s crazy to think that now on top of celebrating all the moms in my life, I too will be celebrated!

For Mother’s Day this year if you live in the Bay Area you can treat, shop, and celebrate mom all in one location, Santana Row! Santana Row has so much to offer from great restaurants, spas, and shops, to a movie theater and wine bar. You can’t go wrong with anything for mom from there. As a relatively new mom and first Mother’s Day mama I thought I’d share with you all the places that I think would be the best gifts for your first time mom this Mother’s Day. So sit back and enjoy as I take care of all the leg work and all you have to do is decide which options you think are best for your mom, wife, mother to your baby, sister…you get the point!








Kate Spade is a great place to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the new mama in your life. If she’s anything like me she loves her baby but still values those things that are important to her. For me expressing myself through my personal style is a big one. I never want to give that up no matter how much the spit up threatens a good outfit. Kate Spade is known for their super cute clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and adorable selection of handbags. This season they’re trying something new and right in time for Mother’s Day. A bag that is completely customizable! They’re starting out with just a few of their classic styles where you can select everything from the handbag flap, bag body, and strap. There are even small accessories you can add to your bag. Guys, kids, family, this would make for a very special gift this Mother’s Day! You may be afraid to pick out the pieces you think would be represent her, but trust me when I say this she will be not only blown away by the thoughtfulness of this gift but will also love it!!! And if she wants to switch it up, rather than having to go and buy a whole new bag she can purchase extra pieces to switch up her bag from one day to the next.



Mother's Day Gift Guide with Santana Row-Lululemon-Gifts for Her-Mother's Day Gift for the Fit Mom 3
Mother's Day Gift Guide with Santana Row-Lululemon-Gifts for Her-Mother's Day Gift for the Fit Mom
Mother's Day Gift Guide with Santana Row-Lululemon-Gifts for Her-Mother's Day Gift for the Fit Mom 2
If your new mom has been working hard to get her body back into pre-baby shape, then a gift card or gift from Lululemon will be the perfect gift to show your love and support for her. Nothing makes you feel more motivated to go workout than new workout clothes that make you feel and look good. Trust me, she will be so happy to receive a sports bra that is comfortable and actually fits her new chest then trying to squeeze them into her old sports bras. A cute jacket will make it that much more comfortable for her to get outside with her baby and go on a run with the stroller or take an excursive class outdoors.


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