Shopping & Sipping our way through Santana Row as we prep for Valentine’s

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I admittedly don't make it out to Santana Row in San Jose too often, but Mr. Dao and I hadn't had a day of shopping and cocktail shenanigans in a while. And it just so happens we both have a Valentine this year! obviously lot's of catching up, gossip and of course shopping for our loves and well, ourselves naturally, was in order.

First of all, since I don't make it out to San Jose often, I was thrilled to see Sephora, among other new stores, had opened up on the Row. Bee-lined it to Sephora. So, I know that when you think of getting yourself all dolled-up for your luva you're thinking reds, pinks and that's all good. It's what I typically do. But this year, I thought about nudes, white & surprisingly, black nail polish...Marc Jacobs "blaquer enamored" black polish to be specific. I'm thinking of a more vampy look this V-day.
While I was immersing myself in all things Sephora, I saw something I must have. So, if anyone's reading this, feel free to scoop me the DEBUT fragrance from Miu's wonderful. From the bottle, to the jasmine-infused scent. This is the perfect gift for Valentine's. Perfect.

With nudes and white in mind [my boyfriend likes me in white....who am I to complain? I like me in white]I immediately thought of Free People and their ever-ethereal collection of boho-princess-delicate little things. Spotted the white, low-back bodysuit instantly. Done and done. Had to have it. White bodysuit + black

It was hard to leave Free People without this sparkling, sequin & bead-encrusted top...which could easily be a scandalous little dress given the right occasion....ahem, Valentine's.......just a thought...













Okay, so moving on. If you're like over this post because you've got nobody to impress and the whole getting yourself primped for someone isn't a priority, it's all good. Because that was me last Valentine's. So, what's a girl to do? Well, shop for yourself obviously. And it doesn't hurt to shop for your friends. Because friends make the best Valentine's.

And in thinking about my wonderful friends, I made a fun little discovery at the Paper Source store. They have a corner dedicated to crafting your own Valentine cards. And we all know that nothing makes someone's day more than receiving an actual hand-written note. Handmade? You've outdone yourself. So, a stop at the "Valentine Make & Take" at Paper Source is a must.

I don't know about you, but whenever a holiday, like Valentine's rolls around, I know Kate Spade is a no-brainer. From perfectly festive stickers and note cards and phone cases to dresses, shoes and bags....of course handbags. Kate Spade bags are a classic and always in tune with the season...peep this crazy cute, red leather, heart shoulder bag!













Last, but most certainly not least on our V-day shopping stroll, a pop in to Sugarfina was a must. Because candy while a great idea for someone else, is an even better idea for yourself. 

Shopping Santana Row in San Jose is serious business people. It's large and in charge. And with so many places to shop, it's a good thing there are just as many places to kick up your heels and take in a cocktail and some apps.

Lucky for Mr. Dao and I, we were treated as special guests of the house for an incredible afternoon of delights at Santana Parisian-style outpost, Left Bank.

I won't say much because the photos we took speak for themselves. Everything was beyond expectation. Chef David treated us to such a delectable array of his finest. It was a meal to remember. And the most obvious perfect place for a Valentine's meal, be it brunch, dinner or dessert and cocktails...

Lobster-bisque quiche...Truffle oil cream of chestnut & celery root soup...the brunch BLT...the ice cream with espresso poured over it! Beyond, just beyond...

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