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Future Wash

330 Winchester Blvd 1st & 3rd Floor
San Jose, CA 95128
Ph. 408-368-3699

Future Wash

Future Wash performs a waterless hand wash on your vehicle using only biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients. The wash solution uses lifting agents, heavy lubrication and carnauba waxes to safely remove dirt and contamination from your vehicle's finish. We use premium microfiber towels and professional cleaning techniques to leave your vehicle looking fresh with a glossy protective layer applied. Our model makes it convenient for you to shop, eat, get a coffee, work or simply enjoy Santana Row while getting your car cleaned by your favorite technician! Let's save water and create a better car cleaning experience together. 

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Wednesday located on the 1st Level of  the Winchester Parking Garage from 10am-5pm
  • Thursday-Sunday located on the 5th Level of Winchester Parking Garage from 10am-5pm 


Santana Row

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